SMGFL Managers Meeting

Unfortunately when we set the calendar we did not realise that the next meeting was due on the Thursday before Easter. With Manchester FA (Lee Folkard) due to attend for a Q&A session, and a meeting for the Cup Finalists, due to the large number of people, both committee and members, that have communicated that they cannot attend the meeting this Thursday, it is best that we move the meeting to the following Thursday, 24th April.



The SMGFL 2014 Cup Finals

The SMGFL 2014 Cup Finals
Sincere Thanks to Sale Town Football Club who have very kindly allowed us to use their venue for our Finals. Please click on above image for further details.

£341 Donated to The League's Nominated Charity

£341 Donated to The League's Nominated Charity
All fines related to Match Day offences are donated to the Well Child Charity. Please click on the above image to see your donations working.

Name and Praise

We all know someone who gives up their precious time to volunteer in football? It could be the tea lady, the grounds man, the kit washer or even a cheer from someone you didn't expect to be there!
There's always someone that makes a memorable contribution to your experience in football as a player, supporter, coach or even the opposition during the weeks leading to and at your game.
Please click on the image above to e-mail the League (in confidence) and nominate someone who deserves all our recognition, and in turn,
they will be Named and Praised accordingly.

Welcome to the SMGFL Season 2013/2014

Our sporting achievement has been made by the South Manchester girls unique football league passing its 10th year of supporting girls football teams throughout the greater Manchester area .

Looking back through the very beginning when this unique league made its first steps to the unknown on Lostock fields we asked ourselves would girl’s football ever follow in the steps of the boys football.

Through the dedication of the players, parent, coaches and the fantastic volunteers of the committee I have working behind the scenes we now stand in good strength going forward to the next ten years who knows what the next ten year may hold for girls football.

Thank you all for the support over the past years .

Ian Barry

Chairman SMGFL

Fixtures, Results and Tables

Fixtures, Results and Tables
(Click on image above for full details)
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